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The Scrabrunner is a 2D platform adventure learning word. Using the game engine called Unity.

The plot of the game is where in galaxy of the black region, there’s a planet name Enigma Soul. In that planet, there is a civilization called Xation and always fight with the Cacius planet civilization. Then, there’s a young man Xation name Felix going alone to the Cacius planet to kill the king. He volunteer himself to his on king and promise to kill the Cacius King to stop the war. The Cacius planet is full of the red people and their army are Jax and Jaxier. Jax is a walking army and Jaxier is a flying army. The place is full of dangerous spikes and cube road that makes Felix feels confused. With struggle and survive the war, Felix finally meets the Cacius king to stop the war. While fighting the king, the damage of the Cacius King is powerful and can defeat Felix with only three hits. 

With Xation people and King hope, the world hopes that Felix can save the peace.

Install instructions


  • After download, you will need to extract the file or if you don't want to extract its no problem. 
  • After you extract, you will see the dark Icon of my game and called Scrabrunner.exe and click it. But if can't open because of the Virus, please turn off the virus and don't get me wrong because it will harms your laptop. No trust me there is not virus on my game .
  • After you open, it will appears Scrabrunner Configuration. There are Graphic and Input. For Graphic, setting your Resolution and Graphic Quality that suitable for your laptop to play. And if you have controller, click input for setting. 
  • After that, hit the play button and HAVE FUN !


  • It support all version of Windows
  • The game is hard and sometimes you will emotional ( Don't say i'm not warned you)
  • If any question, comment me down below.

Thank You from me Fucifear. 



Scrabrunner 43 MB

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